"We are Storytellers"

Industrywalas is a one-stop creative solutions outfit. A state-of-the-art hub for all motion production providing end-to-end solutions: from concept to production to post-production – all under one roof.

From winning awards at film festivals to creating trending music videos to shaping mega blockbusters, creating the right content is daily work for us.

A rising media house that has delivered some of the most popular entertainment content, Industrywalas, has gradually been  making its mark across verticals in the media biz.

Functioning out of their sea-facing Khar studio, their young and dynamic team of experts deliver across media formats such as TVCs, Music Videos, Films, Promotional Campaigns, and Web Series.

"Our approach is to simply chase what excites us the most
and persevere till we get there”




Founder / Director

Doesn’t ever work as he thinks his work is fun. The mastermind of the company and captain of our cricket team. From work speed to car speed he loves to be in the driving seat.

WARNING: Wear a sweatshirt to meet him. He likes his room north pole cold and his pizza smoking hot.


Founder / Producer

AKA wonder women of our team. A unique blend of creative skill and management prowess. She excels in somehow winning any game before it even begins. 

No amount of pressure bothers her, she can negotiate any deal as long as you don’t say ‘I lost the bill’. After that, god help you.


Editor / Director

True to his grand maratha lineage, his cuts are sharp, quick and can win you battles.
An award winning edit ninja with a great sense of what the audience will love.
Him being the family’s second generation in the media business, he knows well what it takes to make it big. 
His work hard, play harder attitude, make him a formidable team player to have.
Just don’t deny him his 3 C’s. Cricket, Chicken and a Chilled Beer. 


Production &

Post Supervisor

The unsuspecting assassin.

Don’t go by her timid frame, she gets her way with the meanest and baddest. Whether it’s handling a chaotic set of hundreds or managing multiple departments in post, people management skills clubbed with cat like patience is her main weapon to tackle it all with a smile.

Frugal with her food and budget spends, comes naturally with being a Gujarati.



Few are gifted with a wicked sense of humour and wild dancing skills at the same time. A multi-talented editor/compositor with a cool head and an invaluable never give attitude.

AKA our in-house Govinda, his comic timing is something to be experienced.


Post Supervisor

Big bang in a small package. Tactful and patient, he knows how to get his work done, one way or another.

Managing post ops for some of the biggest projects, he can single handedly deliver a project from start to finish.

He believes in problem solving, whether it’s a project or Mumbai city.



He’s either silent or if he speaks, it’s a joke that no one gets. Zen like composure and efficiency in his work and mannerism.

A talent that’s always a pleasure to work with due to his ‘NEVER say NO’ attitude. Nothing enter or leaves our studio without his will.

Only a few drinks later, you will know the real him.


Studio Incharge

The way he pampers us, no one misses their mother. An avid learner always looking to better his skill each day, he ensures our work environment stays beautiful and habitable despite the long hours.  

His name is called out more often in the day than we hit the save button.

In his spare time, he creates for his social media and cheats at cricket with equal passion.


Entertainment Director

Does homework at work. Confusing but true.

If it weren’t for him, we would be a serious bunch and would behave our age. For his age, he knows well how to balance work and play. Our in-house troll, mimic, critic, dancer, singer, actor, intercom, snakes and ladder champ all in one. His one smile and one look can diffuse any stress.

The only one who works pro bono because we can’t afford him.




    5th floor, Avinash House,

    20th Road, Off Khar Danda Road,

    Khar West, Mumbai 400052